The Post Project

Today Is a Great Day My Friends!

I have purchased all tools and materials necessary to create the first batch of my own instruments!!!  Onward to the Birth of the SteelMoon!  Lets Do This!

I have been at this for a while! Since I first fell in love with this instrument I have had the goal to sculpt them myself. I am fortunate to have spent time with experts in this field. If you want to do something great you need to learn from great teachers!

Michael Perkins has been hammering Steel Pan for the past 40 years and he too shares the same goals, to offer High Quality instruments to the public. He has offered us a space to work along with his efforts. I am so blessed to have this opportunity!

To make this work I will need your help!   

For Every $2500 that this GoFundMe Campaign reaches, I will give away 1 instrument to a Public Location.  Click the link for more details!

From the start my goal was to provide the experience of playing this instrument to the public, adults and children alike! When in full production mode, for every 2 SteelMoons that are sold we will offer one to a Public Location! I thank you in advance for making this a reality and I hope the experience will soon touch you!

There are still 20 out of 50 instruments available from my first batch.  If you are interested in placing an order for your Own SteelMoon Click Here –>  I Want One


Videos Coming in August!