Yoga Teachers/Facilitators 

  • I have played for over 100 classes with many different styles of teaching.
  • I will travel anywhere in the world. 
  • I slightly mold each type of performance to the specific environment of studio.
  • I’m always open to perform while you teach your class at a studio, festival or gathering.  10423356_10203420390978081_2898772364477599950_n

Wedding/Private Event

  • I can fit into whatever time space you choose! Cocktail Hour, before the ceremony, while you walk down the isle or all of the above.
  • I will give the wedding party physical copies of my album(up to 20)
  • I will give your loved ones digital downloads of my album.
  • I would love to know if you would like amplification at the time we arrange our agreement.

        Price Scale 

  • $150 – $300 (+ Transportation) – I will come and perform at your space without amplification in your desired schedule.
  • $300 – $500 (+ Transportation) – I will come amplified at your space with in your desired schedule.
  • $700 – $1500 (+ Transportation) – I will ask 2 or 3 musicians to join me in the performance.
  • $2000 (+ Transportation) –  We can share time putting together my performance in the way that you prefer.  I would be the coordinator of all things musically and take on the role of providing a world class sonic experience.  I will bring  4 – 6 musicians and a sound engineer.1909447_1089251637774076_7766425971187072026_o

Commercial Venues 

  • I will bring other musicians to join me depending on what level of my presence the show is based around.
  • All my Songs are original, ASCAP licensing is not necessary.
  • I can bring my own Sound System if requested.
  • I have played over 500 performances in this life.
  • I am entertaining and do have an EPK with all proper promotional tools.
  • I offer packages in all price ranges.
  • 11053631_1012916752086739_8700202213907976004_n


So much gratitude from my heart to yours for your interest in what I do.  Please Contact me here with a detailed description of how my performance could fit into your life.

Sincerely with Love,

Ryan Post
Contact Me at

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