I Want One!

Today Is a good day my friends!  Thank you for your interest in my creations.

We are now taking Orders for our First Generation of instruments.

To inquire about placing your first Order, send us an email.

Email us at RyanPostProject@gmail.com for the full experience of ordering an instrument from The Post Project.  A skype session/phone call or response email will be scheduled to answer all of your questions.

The information on this page provides you with additional insight into what we currently offer.  It is intended to answer your initial questions about our instruments.

Panji Bags

First things first, Every instrument we sell will come with a Panji Bag Backpackers Hard Case.  I have been using their prototype hard case and I truly believe this product is the best out there.   The shell is made out of trash/hemp/ or mushrooms that are coated with resin.  Working with Environmentally friendly materials to leave the smallest footprint!  The inside foam will absorb moisture from around your instrument and always take that quick shock away from the scary moments.  The BackPack attachment and design is both light and comfortable.   This Case will have custom art from The Post Project and is valued at $500.  The will be taking orders for all cases soon at PanjiBags.com .


I am willing to sculpt any scale that you prefer that will fit on my instrument.  It will be 20.86 inches in Diameter like the Hang.

I recommend to research an instrument that you enjoy seeing someone else perform with and talk to me about it 🙂  If you are very new to this instrument, here is my album “A Busker’s Rough Draft” where you can take a listen and hear my favorite choice scales.  ThePostProject.bandcamp.com


$1500 Total Cost for one Non-Nitrided sound sculpture with Panji Bag BackPackers Hard Case.

A minimum of $500 Down Payment.

$2500 Total Cost for one Nitrided sound sculpture with a Panji Bag BackPackers Hard Case.

A minimum of $1500 Down Payment.

-$200 per note that Is added to the bottom side of the instrument.

-All Payments are through PayPal unless other arrangements are made.

-Price does not include Shipping.

-All instruments will be limited to the notes depending on what scale you choose.


Customer is reponsible for all costs associated with delivery, pick up and shipping.  Total cost of the instrument stated above excludes all shipping expenses.


We are taking 50 orders for our first generation and they are filling up quickly.  All instruments will be completed before December of this year.

I want to make this as personal as possible when it comes to sculpting an instrument for you!  It all starts with an Email to RyanPostProject@gmail.com and then we can start this relationship.

Thank you for your Time and Interest!

This means the world to me!  All of your purchases are giving me the tools to build the instrument.  Next, we offer the experience of the Hang to our Youth.  When we take orders for our second Generation, we will be giving away 1 instrument for every 2 that we sell.  Thank you for your involvement in sharing this experience with our Youth!


Ryan Post